Changes to the Constitution and Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws are a living document - as the society changes and growths, the document should reflect and record those changes.  Following the AGM in March, there have been two changes made to the Bylaws and correctly registered with the BC Registry for Societies.  The changes are also noted on our website and the full document can be view by following this link.

The changes:

Cycle for Criminal Record Checks

A requirement of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, all individuals who are working directly with children and vulnerable adults must have an acceptable Criminal Record Check, CRC.  In addition, under 4.10, Qualification of Directors, all Board Members must also maintain an acceptable CRC.
Prior to the recent changes to the Bylaws, there wasn't a cycle for re-examination of CRC for either facilitators or board members.  The Bylaws now read:

2.3 Every member shall uphold the constitution and comply with:

(a) these bylaws

(b) the Society’s Contract of Confidentiality

(c) the Notification Agreement

(d) maintaining an acceptable Criminal Record Check if working on the Board of Directors or unsupervised access to children and vulnerable adults

(e) the Criminal Record Check would be renewed on a cycle of 3 years (new 2020-03-12)

Quorum of Directors' Meetings

A quorum is established as the minimum number of individuals who have the responsibility of decision making in a formal meeting.  If the minimum number of directors is not present at a meeting, news items and updates are discussed and items requiring decisions of the board are tabled for the next available opportunity. The usual standard for bylaws is the simple majority of the board plus 1.
With Covid, social distancing and the reliance on remote connection to meetings, there is a need to further define when business can be conducted.  The Bylaws now read:

Quorum of Directors

7.2 The Directors of a Society may pass a Directors' resolution without a meeting if all of the Directors, or lesser number of those Directors, reach consensus on the resolution.

7.3 The minimum number of Directors present, online or in person is 2 in order to establish a quorum and conduct business. (new change 2020-06-16)

For full reference to the Constitution and Bylaws, please follow this link.